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Sandra Solomon speaks at the rally in support of freedom of speech. Photo: CIJnews

Anti M-103 protest: “We are the TRUE feminists”

The Canadian Coalition of Concerned Citizens (CCCC) held on Sunday, March 19, 2017 at Toronto’s Nathan Philips Square its second rally in support of free speech and against Motion 103, the anti Islamophobia motion.

Equipped with signs featuring statements made by Canadian imams, the protesters sang the national anthem, chanted patriotic slogans and vowed to continue the fight for defending Canada from those who want to limit the freedom of speech and promote Islamic values.

Sandra Solomon, an ex-Muslim human rights activist, led the protest. She slammed the counter protest organized by left-wing groups for refraining from bringing Canadian flags or playing the national anthem. “Antifa and the fascists are going crazy. They are acting like barbaric savages,” said Sandra who emphasized that pro free speech activists will not be intimidated or silenced, but determined to keep fighting against the “Islamofascist” motion and to defend “our home, kids and women.”

The following is Sandra Solomon’s speech at the event (based on a printed copy of the speech):

Thank you all for coming together today to show once again your support of freedom of speech and to protest against Motion 103 that strives to shut down any criticism of the religion of Islam. According Motion 103, even suggesting that terrorism in the name of Allah and Islam is “Islamic”, would be considered an “Islamophobic” statement.

When terrorists with the Muslim Brotherhood, the Islamic State, the Islamic Jihad or any other Islamic groups worldwide, openly declare that their actions are committed in the path of Allah and cite verses from the Quran as their source of legitimacy, Canadians will be banned from portraying it as “Islamic” terrorism.

Let me clarify. If Motion 103 used the term “anti-Muslim bigotry” instead of Islamophobia, we wouldn’t have gathered here today. We ALL oppose any form of racism aimed at any identified group.

Our struggle today is focused on the policy of the federal and provincial governments that aims at suffocating free speech, making Islam, the religion of Islam, immune of any criticism, and infusing the Islamic teachings into society as part of the Canadian heritage and values.

I was raised in Saudi Arabia, a country that is governed by the Islamic Law, which is the Sharia Law. I know first-hand what is the meaning of Islam and the Islamic-Sharia Law. My parents used to take me on Fridays to watch the big show in town – the beheadings. I still can see the horrible scene as if it was yesterday, and hear the cheers of the crowd, including children, when the poor man’s head was rolling on the ground.

This is Islam that I know, and the same pictures you can see online in Iraq, Syria, Iran, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Somalia, Egypt, Libya, Lebanon and other Islamic countries. All in the name of Allah, his so-called prophet Mohammad and the Quran.

I am a victim of Islam. I was forced to follow the teachings of the Islamic-Sharia Law that discriminates against women. Many times I was severely beaten and was not allowed to leave home just because I refused to wear the niqab.

Do you know what is like to wear the niqab? It is worse than putting a muzzle on a dog. It is like a bird in a cage covered with a black sheet. Try once wearing the niqab for only 5 minutes and you will feel the humiliation that I felt for so many years under Islamic-Sharia Law.

The oppression does not end with this inhuman portable cage. The life of every girl and woman who live under Islamic-Sharia Law is in danger. My brother attempted to strangle me to death in a “honor” killing after he caught me speaking with a boy. My grandmother who happened to stay at our home that day saved my life.

Marriage is not an escape from danger. The Islamic-Sharia Law orders the wife to obey her husband including when he calls her to bed, meaning MARITAL-RAPE-IS-LEGITIMATE. This is Islam. I experienced it first-hand. I was forced to get married. I was not married five years. I was RAPED for five years.

If you want to know more about Islam, you don’t have to live in Saudi Arabia or in any of the Islamic countries. Just listen to teachings of Islam by Canadian Muslim religious leaders, the Canadian imams.

Let me share with you some of the Islamic teachings by senior religious leaders, or imams here in Canada:

Canada’s top Imam, Iqbal Al-Nadvi – “Quran says… you can beat [your wife]”

Ewis al-Nagar, Montreal says Islamic ruling on slave-girls was not abrogated.

Muslim professor at University of Toronto, Katharine Bullock, says it is not “radical” to support Caliphate and Sharia Law.

Imam Bilal Philips, Toronto – “Islamic Law does permit a husband to hit his wife”

Imam Houssein Amer, Montreal – Wife “beating in Islam is a type of education”

Imam Omar Subedar, Ontario – “Allah has permitted the husband to discipline his wife by striking her [lightly]”

Imam Musleh Khan, Toronto – “Wife should be obedient to her husband at all times”; “Wife is obliged to serve her husband”

Imam Ahmed Kandil, Montreal said that the wife has to obey her husband when he calls her to bed

Imam Shazim Khan, Peterborough, Ontario said that the wife should obey the husband when asking her to “satisfy his desire”.

Imam Abdi Hersy, Alberta – “Husband has to give orders and wife has to obey him”; “Wife cannot leave the house without husband’s permission”

Free books that were handed out at the Islamic booth at Toronto’s Dundas Square and by Muslim students wearing niqab at York University read the following:

Islam permits the beating of wives in a restricted and limited sense”

Some women may even enjoy being beaten at times as a sign of love and concern”






On July 1st on Canada’s 150th anniversary we are going to celebrate the freedom with the launch of the national BURN HIJAB DAY that will serve as a source of inspiration for women from ALL faiths and ALL cultures to take their fate in their hands and achieve the freedom they deserve.

We will become the voice of ANY woman whose dignity is being trampled by religion, cultural norms and practises or just because of the sheer inhuman behaviour of her spouse and family.

Violence against women is not unique to Islam. It exists in all sectors of society. However, we are deeply concerned when Muslim community leaders and Muslim religious leaders publicly condone wife beating and marital rape.

Moreover, we feel betrayed by the government and the media that keep silent in face of these misogynistic statements.

We will not stop fighting until Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, who calls himself a feminist, speaks out against those who openly promotes the abuse of women in the name of religion.

We will not be silent until Maryam Monsef, Minister of Status of Women, and Ontario Premier, Kathleen Wynne stands up against misogyny in the name of religion.

We will hold all them accountable.

We will be the voice of the invisible women regardless their faiths and cultural background.

We are the TRUE feminists!

We are the TRUE feminists!

We are the TRUE feminists!

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