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Trudeau says eliminating public transit tax credit will allow investments in public transit

Responding to a question during the debate in Parliament, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said that tax credit for public transit had no impact on the use of public transit, and therefore it was eliminated by the federal government in Budget 2017 to allow investments in public transit projects to help the middle class.

The following are excerpts from the debate in Parliament on April 5, 2017:

MP Sylvie Boucher (Beauport—Côte-de-Beaupré—Île d’Orléans—Charlevoix):

Mr. Speaker, the Prime Minister’s arrogance is killing me. In Canada, like in other places around the world, the Prime Minister has no problem giving taxpayers’ money to his billionaire friends, while simultaneously eliminating the public transit tax credit. Yesterday we learned that the Aga Khan was financially compensated by the state during the leader of the Liberal Party’s personal vacation. Once again, Canadian taxpayers are paying for his arrogance and poor judgment. When will the Prime Minister walk his talk and treat the middle class—

PM Justin Trudeau:

Mr. Speaker, with regard to the tax credit for public transit, that measure was introduced to promote the use of public transit. That is what the minister said when she introduced the measure to Canadians. Sadly, according to the numbers, the measure had no impact on the use of public transit. That is why we decided instead to invest billions of dollars more in new public transit projects, including the Réseau électrique métropolitain in Montreal and the Service rapide par bus in Quebec City. Similar projects exist across the country, and we are pleased to invest in them to help the middle class and those working hard to join it.

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