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Easter is mostly About the Chocolate!

Easter reminds me of bunnies, and bunnies remind me of chocolate. Well, not really -‘cause I celebrate Passover, not Easter. Although, when it comes to chocolate, does it really matter what the denomination is?

So, this year, perhaps, instead of just staring at those Lindt bunnies at the drugstore, why not take up a workshop that actually teaches you how to make them? (Well: pave your way to making them)

You can do this with one of the three workshops being offered by Tasty Tours this April.

The Easter Sweets Tour takes place Sunday, April 16 at 11:30am or 2pm. In this workshop, you will be treated to a live tour of Kensington Market; you will taste various treats (familiar and foreign alike); and you will learn some history along the way – about the neighbourhood, and about sweets and such. You will be introduced to a variety of multicultural stores and receive a sample at each location. In addition, you will get a discount to buy stuff!

The Easter Chocolate Tour, which happens Saturday, April 15 at 1pm, will take you through six of the best eateries in town, to sample chocolates and chat with store owners and chocolatiers. You will learn a bit about the history of the beloved ingredient and end your day with a chocolate making demonstration by an award-winning chocolatier.

However, The Easter Chocolate Workshop is the real deal if you really want to make the stuff, not just eat it! Odile Chocolat will be hosting The Easter Chocolate Workshop. Here, you will learn how to roll vanilla-infused chocolate truffles, and taste some chocolate goodies. You will then be sent home with your own box of handmade creations. This event takes place on Sunday, April 16 at 5pm.

Let’s hop to it! More information is available HERE.

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