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Shlomo Artzi. Photo: Moshe_Shai provided Shlomo Artzi productions

“Can’t wait to be in Toronto…to sing and soar together with the audience!!!” Shlomo Artzi in an interview

As you probably heard, Shlomo Artzi one of the most iconic musicians is coming to Toronto, and will be performing at the Sony Centre to celebrate Yom Haatzmaut with the Jewish and Israeli community.

The artist was in Toronto last, some 30 years ago and in an interview he gave CIJnews from his home in Ramat Gan he recalls that his last visit to Toronto was very short. “I came in for a day. This time I will have a few days in Toronto, and I hope to be able to see more of the city, I can’t wait to sing and fly with the audience .”

CIJnews: Who was your musical inspiration and influence?

Artzi: When I just started off, I was very influenced by Yehoram Gaon and Arik Einstein. Later on I found out about the Beatles and more and more I got into Rock N Roll. I really got inspired by the way rock n Roll allows you to express yourself. I think I started writing and singing in a whole new way because of it.

CIJnews: Some people called you the Israeli Bob Dylen, how do you feel about that?

Artzi: I don’t like making comparisons, I would like to believe that an artist can be only himself . It is true however that he had a big influence on me. We both sing about life from a very personal place.

CIJnews: How do you explain the fact that your music and lyrics are in the main stream of Israeli culture for 4 decades now? How did you break the code?

Artzi: Wow, this is a big question…not sure I have the answer. My dad used to say “Always work hard and focus closely in all that you do. In a the Song “New Land” ארץ חדשה I wrote if we don’t slowdown, won’t look, won’t pay attention to the details…we won’t reach a new land” So maybe I did slowdown and look carefully and that’s why I reached this place.

CIJnews: How do you envision your performance in front of the Jewish and Israeli community in Toronto in Yom Haatzmaut?

Artzi: I preformed many times in different places around the world. It is very different than performing at Home. It was always very special. The atmosphere was particularly electric and unique. I hope that people of different ages will come, those who know my old songs and those who know my recent ones. I can’t wait to walk through the aisles at the Sony centre and sing and soar together with the audience. It means to shed a tear together in one song and dance away in another. Me and the band simply can’t wait!! Happy Passover!

To buy tickets click HERE.

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