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Justin Trudeau. Photo: screenshot video

Trudeau lost his words while trying to avoid calling North Korea a “crazy” regime

On April 10, 2017, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau concluded a three-day trip to France , during which he attended the commemoration of the one-hundredth anniversary of the First World War battle at Vimy Ridge.

Speaking with reporters in Normandy, France after visiting the Juno Beach Centre, Canada’s Second World War museum, Trudeau said that Canada maintains that Syria’s President Bashar al-Assad cannot play any role in a future peaceful solution to the six-year crisis because of the war crimes his regime has committed against innocent civilians.

When asked about the North Korean’s nuclear danger, Trudeau lost his words for 11 seconds and later explained that he was trying to avoid using the word “crazy” to describe its irresponsible regime.

The following are excerpts from Trudeau’s statements (to watch the video click HERE):

“We must work hard to prevent the scale of losses that we saw throughout the twentieth century. The raging civil war is Syria, violent conflicts around the world, require the international community… to strive every day not to repeat the terrible mistakes of the past.”

“The international community must work together and display unity, solidarity and firmness as we look for ways for all countries including countries like Russia and Iran who need to play a role in ending the conflict in Syria and moving rapidly towards a lasting peace for the Syrian people.”

“Countries that have been supportive of the Assad regime bear some of the responsibility for the chemical attacks on innocents, on civilians, on children last week. And those countries must also be part of the solution as we hold the Assad regime to account and we move tangibly forward as an international community to ending this conflict in Syria.”

“There is no question that anyone who is guilty of the types of war crimes against innocents, against children that Assad and his regime are, needs to be held to account and we need to move this as quickly as possible towards peace and stability in Syria that does not involve Bashar al-Assad.”

“There is no question that in the medium and the long future peaceful Syria no longer includes Bashar al-Assad. How we get there in the short term is exactly what the international community must focus on now, because we know that there is no purely military solution to moving forward for Syria. It must be hopeful diplomatic firm and multi-faceted as we move forward.”

“We are worried about the dangerous and unstable North Korean regime. Period. I think we have seen over the past months and indeed years the kind of irresponsible, dangerous actions by this rogue regime. North Korea is a danger not just to the immediate region but to the entire world. We need to ensure that we are working together with our allies to find a path forward there because a nuclear power like North Korea that has shown a level of irresponsibility and [lost his words 11:4311:54] fundamentally irresponsibility, not to use a word like crazy, which I will not use, is a real concern.”

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