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Protest at CBC building. Photo screenshot Live Leak

Protest held against CBC’s “biased” editorial policy

On April 13, 2017, Eric Brazau, an outspoken activist against the teachings of Islam, accompanied with two fellow activists for free speech, arrived at CBC building in downtown Toronto to deliver a letter criticizing CBC for ignoring hate speech at Masjid Toronto mosque and to protest against CBC’s “biased” editorial policy.

They hold signs that read: “CBC ignores hate speech from mosque at 168 Dundas [Street]” and “Kill them one by one, the Jews, the atheists, infidels, and spare none of them.”


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Brazau stood on the stage saying: “CBC is ignoring hate speech in a Toronto mosque, betraying Canadian citizens… CBC refuses to cover the story. But CBC covered the story of Islamophobes who exposed the hatred from this mosque… Is it not in the interest of Canadians to know what the hatred that has been spewed and played and chanted in the mosque? Why is CBC promoting a leftist agenda? Why is CBC promoting Islam and the mosque that is promoting hate speech?… CBC refuses to cover this side of the Toronto mosque story. Why is CBC promoting an Islamic agenda?…”

The security asked the group to leave the building. Another man intervened asking and demanding the security to let them stay. He refused to leave and was later subdued, handcuffed, tied to a stretcher and transferred into an ambulance.

To read Blogwrath’s exclusive and detailed reports on the events and watch the videos from the scene click HERE and HERE.

Concerned Canadians’ letter to the CBC

Open Letter to the CBC

April 12, 2017

Re: Toronto Masjid story 168 Dundas Street

All Canadians need to know what is being preached in this Toronto Mosque at 168 Dundas Street.

The CBC was quick to denounce those who protested this mosque on Feb 17 as Islamophobes. Will the CRC report that the worshippers inside this mosque have been recorded chanting: “kill the filthy Jews, kill the Unbelievers, the infidels, the atheists”?

Our mission is to inform., to reveal. to contribute to the understanding of issues of public interest and to encourage citizens to participate in our free and democratic society.

The matter is of particularly important, because similar “Hate Speech” chants or prayers have been reported in mosques throughout Canada.

Concerned citizens want to make this matter of vital important known to the public. They demonstrated with the hope that their actions would shine light on this situation in their midst. It is not in the public interest to ignore Muslims praying for death of fellow Canadians. Muslims going on killing sprees is not unheard of. Perhaps it will come from this very Mosque that was ignored.


1. CBC investigate this Mosque and the many others that are preaching sermons antithetical to Canadian values and likely a criminal act of ‘Hate Speech” If nothing else they are uttering death threats I refer to your mission statement.

We ask the CSC to apologize for tarring concerned citizens who went out of their way to expose this hatred festering in Canadian Mosques with the Islamophobia brush.

Concerned Citizens

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