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Illegal immigrant enters Canada. Photo screenshot video The Rebel

Asylum seeker: “I just want to go to Canada”

The Rebel’s Faith Goldy made a short interview with an illegal immigrant/ asylum seeker/ refugee who illegally crossed the border from upstate New York into Canada.

The following are excerpts from the interview:

I’m from, um… Eritrea.

You’ve just come by yourself? How long have you been in America for?

Four months.

Four months?


Why don’t you want to stay here anymore?

Actually [I] want to go to Canada.

Why do you want to go to Canada?

Because we want to go to Canada. That’s all.

What’s there for you?

I just want to go to Canada. That’s all.

So do you have any wife or children?


Why did you leave Eritrea?

I was not born there.

Where were you born?

[I was] born in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, that’s why [I left Eritrea].

So where you came from? Eritrea to America?

From Riyadh, Saudi Arabia to America.

So you went from Saudi Arabia to America?


Why don’t you want to stay in America?

Actually I don’t like staying in America, but I want to go to Canada. That’s all.

Are you here legally in America?

Yes. I’m legally [in America].

How did you hear about Canada?

I don’t really know about Canada, but actually I just want to go there [to Canada]. That’s all and I can’t say anymore.

For more information click HERE.

An investigative report by The Rebel Media showed the ease with which illegal migrants, most of whom appear to be single men from the Middle East, cross the US-Canada border. When migrants arrive at a nearest crossing, they are shuttled to the border by taxi drivers for a fee, a method which has become somewhat an industry for unscrupulous cabbies who want to make a quick buck.

Migrants also take advantage of an existing loophole in the Safe Third Country Agreement which enables those crossing the Canada-U.S. border illegally to be detained and file an asylum application from within Canada, as opposed to being turned away if they claim asylum at official border crossings and airports.

See also: Nearly half of all illegal migrants to Canada have “serious criminality” – click HERE

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