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Justin Trudeau. Photo: screenshot video

Trudeau says government allays fears that encourage populism and nationalism

In an interview with Bloomberg News in Toronto on April 20, 2017, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said that the rise of populism and nationalism is a response to “fears” which are been treated by implementing an economic policy that allays those fears.

The following are excerpts from the interview:

There’s an awful lot of people who are trying to solve the same challenge that I have, which is how do we make middle class successful, because ultimately economy can only strong in the 21th century if everyone feels that they’re opportunities within it, and if you’re seeing a rise of populism and nationalism, it is in response to the kinds of fears that people are feeling, so my economic approach is very much to allay those fears… Some of the narratives are coming out of of the leadership campaigns of the other two major parties and you can see that there is a strong drive towards populism even in, or at least to use of the populist tools, even in our election in 2015, we made, I made a conscious choice to try to draw people together, to work on a laying fears rather than highlighting them and exacerbating them, but I was up against a government that ran on you know snitch lines against Muslims and headscarf bans and a fearful narrative that Canadians chose to reject for the large part, because there was a positive inclusive solutions based on alternative on offer and I think that which worked in Canada can and should work elsewhere I mean Sadiq Khan mayor of London have a very similar platform six months after after we won, I mean, there’s an openness out there for citizens to have people pull out the best on them on rather than try to protect us from the worst within us, and I think that’s a message that people are beginning to get around the world.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau met with the Toronto Star editorial board on Friday, December 2, 2016, and answered questions posed by Star staff and readers. The Star’s reporters, Peter Goffin and Alex Ballingall, tweeted snippets from the Q & A session during which Trudeau portrayed former Prime Minster Stephan Harper as a leader who was identified with “white nationalism”:

Peter Goffin @petergoffin:

“Trudeau says by voting against Harper‘s “old stock Canadians” viewpoint, Canadians were choosing not to embrace white nationalism I think it’s very important we acknowledge the diverse range of voices in this country in all different sides of the spectrum and make sure we have heard them whether or not we agree with them as much as they would like,” says Trudeau.”

Alex Ballingall @aballinga:

“Trudeau says Canadians rejected politics of “old stock” cdns and islamophobia in last election. “Stephen Harper ran the campaign on that”

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