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Human trafficking awareness day

For the first time ever, the city of Toronto will proclaim a Stop Human Trafficking in Toronto day at Nathan Phillips Square, Wednesday, May 10, from 12 noon to 2 pm. This ground-breaking event is initiated and organized by the National Council of Jewish Women of Canada, Toronto. They are taking a leading role in public awareness about this enormous problem. Youngsters are being trafficked under our eyes.

Human sex trafficking is the most common form of modern-day slavery, numbering in the millions, mostly females and children. It’s big business. According to the UN, it is the third most profitable criminal industry in the world, next only to drugs and guns and the fastest growing. It is commonplace for traffickers to assign victims quotas of $1000 per night.

Less than 10 per cent of girls trafficked are foreign, mostly from Asia and Eastern Europe. The rest are Canadian. Detective Turong from the Toronto police said, “I’ve spoken with hundreds of girls in the US and Canada. There is no difference anywhere. It can happen to anybody. Young teen aged girls as young as twelve.”

Human Trafficking is a serious issue around the world and right here in Canada.

The National Council of Jewish Women urge all to come to the demonstration and add your voice to eradicate this affliction.

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About Doris Strub Epstein

Doris Strub Epstein
Doris is a multimedia journalist with many years of experience. She has worked in radio, television and print journalism and writes on a variety of topics, especially the crucial issues in Canadian and Jewish life.

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