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Entire US Senate demands UN end “unacceptable” anti-Israel bias

Authored by Marco Rubio (R Fla.) and Christopher Coons (D Del), all of the Senate, numbering 100 , signed a letter to United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres Thursday, demanding an end to the UN’s “unacceptable” anti-Israel bias.

In the letter was the clear message, “Through words and actions, we urge you to ensure that Israel is treated neither better nor worse any other UN member in good standing.” and saying the “continued targeting of Israel” in the UN was “unacceptable”.

They were particularly critical of UNRWA, which deals with Palestinian refugees; the UN Human Rights Council for its sole focus on Israel, and UNESCO which denies Jewish ties to holy sites in Jerusalem.

They also urged elimination or revamping of “a number of standing committees, which far too often serve no purpose other than to attack Israel and inspire the anti- Israel boycott, sanctions and divestment movement.”

The letter also targeted “the UNHRC – whose membership currently includes some of the world’s worst human rights violators – instead devotes time to unwarranted attacks against Israel”.

The senators were referring to permanent agenda item V11, which only attacks Israel, “even as numerous other countries, including some represented on the Council, commit egregious human rights abuses against their citizens on a daily basis.”

And finally – “…the current situation must change. We urge you to engage member states in a comprehensive effort to directly confront and root out this bias.”

Danny Damon, Israel’s ambassador to the UN, expressed appreciation to the US Senate and said in a statement…”It is time to finally put an end to the UN’s biased approach towards Israel.”

Defense Minister Avigdor LIberman, at a meeting in March with US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, urged him to consider quitting UNHRC and to stop funding UNRWA.

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About Doris Strub Epstein

Doris Strub Epstein
Doris is a multimedia journalist with many years of experience. She has worked in radio, television and print journalism and writes on a variety of topics, especially the crucial issues in Canadian and Jewish life.

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