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Tarek Fatah. Photo screenshot YouTube Mobile TV

Tarek Fatah on M-103: “Replace the word Islamophobia with Islamofascism”

On Sunday, April 9, 2017 a panel of prominent Muslim journalists and activists presented their arguments against Motion 103, also known as the anti-Islamophobia motion.

The “Muslims Against M-103” panel featuring Tarek Fatah, Tahir Gora, Asif Javaid and Shaan Taseer, titled took place at the Royal Banquet Hall, 185 Statesman Drive in Mississauga, Ontario.

In his speech, Tarek Fatah, a Canadian writer, broadcaster, secularist and liberal activist who founded the Muslim Canadian Congress, emphasized the duty upon moderate Muslims to fight M-103 to defend the Western civilization from the radicals who adhere to extremist Islamic ideology. The following are excerpts from Fatah’s speech:

Islamophobia is a fear of Islam. The point is that there are a million Muslims who came to Canada because they had a fear of IslamWe live in a world where the stark reality that from all over the Muslim world not a single Muslim goes to a Muslim country.

There are 6 million Syrian refugees and not one of them wants to go to Saudi Arabia. It’s right next door. It’s right next door. No ESL process [meaning no need to learn foreign language]…

Who killed Muslims? Muslims. Who killed through, the Sarin gas attacks? Muslims threw it on Muslims. Had Syria had M-103 resolution, I swear by the Great Allah, nobody would have been killed… Five years of slaughter and you blame it on who? America… You killed and slaughtered Prophet’s Mohammad’s own family and you’re lecturing Canadians about Islamophobia?…

They have been killing Muslims ever-since the Prophet died. The first wars of Islam are called the wars of apostasy. Anyone who said: I don’t understand how this guy became the new Caliph of Islam. He said: Oh you don’t think I should be the Caliph of Islam. No sir, I don’t know who you are. Well, kill him.

Here’s a Quran… it is not in the compilation as it was revealed. I’m saying it to the record… It is not in the way Allah revealed it to the Prophet Mohammad. It was compiled in a way by the third Caliph who burnt 300 Qurans. Was he an Islamophobe? Othman [bin Affan]… he just got murdered but other Muslims. Before him Omar, the Caliph, he too got murdered and then came Mohammad’s cousin Ali, one of the biggest intellectuals of the Islamic world. He was praying Friday prayers. One of the guys came saying I don’t like him. Killed. He died…

The only Muslim politician of character that this country has ever elected is [MPP] Fatima Houda-Pepin who was deputy speaker of the Quebec National Assembly, who got all parties in Quebec into a unanimous motion to ban Sharia [Islamic Law] for all times in the province of Quebec. That’s my kind of Muslim. That’s the type of Muslim we are. When we were fighting against Sharia [Islamic Law] in 2005 there was nobody with us. We were only five or six people… We defeated Sharia [Islamic Law] and got it banned in Ontario by being straightforward not hateful and sticking to our principles…

The game has just begun. We will make sure, and as God is my witness, we will not let this become law in this form… I promise you this. Even if we have just one person, we will lock ourselves to the gates of Parliament and asked them to replace the word Islamophobia with the word Islamofascism

The last fighters who defeated who defeated Hitler came from Stalin’s Muslim armies from Tajikistan, Kazakhstan who fought in Stalingrad and then defeated. Those are the Muslims who want here. The people who love Hitler want them out of here. Now and if you want to call me an Islamophobe, Praise be to Allah, I am. Yes I am.

I have to say one thing clear that if my holy book says cut off the hands of someone and the left foot I do not accept that. If somebody wants to say you can say that, I said it. I will not accept it because I do not believe that even the Quran was collected according to the revelations that it was revealed, the Quran as it was revealed does not exist. And I willing to talk to anyone who says that, it is, but seriously why can’t we discuss this? That is what M-103 is about. That when I say what I just said I should be charged with the crime of Islamophobia, which is a code word to say the crime of apostasy, which is the code word for the word blasphemy, and punishment that is beheading as Muslims it is a job to make sure that laughter is stopped. That the people creating this mess in the world are confronted but not with hate. Mahatma Gandhi’s ways are still alive today.

We have to fight hate and not with that Christian love that you talk about, you know, let’s have an interfaith talk. No, resolute, straightforward, secular, absolutely Rousseau, Karl Marx, Adam Smith and the whole of what that comes from Western civilization, from Socrates to Aristotle. We are the product of Western civilization. We are not the product of any other civilization. We invented the aircraft, insulin, vaccination, microphone, iPhones, even the damn paper. Because the Quran was written on skins and bones till we got paper from the Persians and the Greeks. Islam owes a lot to Eastern Orthodox Church, to the Zoroastrians and to the Hindus.

And it [Islam] is fundamentally Judaism planted on a pagan culture. If we cannot accept that we are doomed as a Muslim community, and no amount of M103s will ever be able to stop the tide that I have seen in anger coming up during the Dutch elections, doing the Swiss elections, during the Indian elections. We have Muslim women in burqas voted against their husbands advice…

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