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The Beaverton accuses Toronto Star of anti Black racism

The Beaverton, the Canadian left-leaning news satire publication, based in Toronto, Montreal and Whitehorse, slams the Toronto Star for its ‘unjust’ editorial policy that ‘discriminates’ against Black journalists.

Luke Gordon Field mocked Kathy English, Toronto Star’s Public Editor, who defended the Star’s decision to demand from the columnist Desmond Cole to refrain from activism as long as he writes for the paper. “Our policies state that Star journalists must avoid participation in demonstrations or signing of petitions, including online petitions and social media campaigns. Further, “editorial employees” must “avoid active participation in community organizations and pressure groups that take positions on public issues,” wrote English.

Cole quit the Toronto Star in the service of what he called “Black liberation” following a meeting with Andrew Philips, the Toronto Star’s editorial page editor, who told him that he “violated the Star’s rules on journalism and activism” when he disrupted Toronto Police Services Board Meeting on April 20th, 2017. Cole slammed the board members for failing to destroy carding data and refused to leave the speaker’s chair.

In his satirical article entitled “Journalists should only become the news if they are white: Toronto Star Public Editor”, The Beaverton’s Luke Gordon Field described the Star’s editorial as discriminatory and racist towards Black journalists. The following excerpts from the satirical article:

  • Our policies clearly state that Star journalists with high levels of melanin in their skin must avoid participation in demonstrations or signing of petitions, including online petitions and social media campaigns…
  • Until this week Mr. Cole wrote an opinion column for the Star, not unlike Michele Landsberg, Naomi Klein or Craig Keilburger, all of whom advocated for causes of their own.
  • Naturally the difference is that their advocacy didn’t expose the Star to any backlash or make us question Toronto’s identity as a progressive city. That, and I really can’t stress this enough, they were white.

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