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Desmond Cole. Photo: screenshot YouTube Toronto Police Service

Desmond Cole implies he may disrupt again Toronto Police’s meeting

Desmond Cole, Newstalk 1010 host, staff writer at Torontoist and former Toronto Star columnist, plans to “stop” Toronto Police Service’s meeting scheduled to May 18, 2017.

In a speech at Holy Blossom Temple in Toronto on May 17, 2017, Cole said the following (click HERE):

The next Police Service’s meeting is a week from tomorrow and I stopped the last one by myself. I don’t plan on going alone next week. I might need some help. So stay tuned.

Cole disrupted Toronto Police Services Board Meeting on April 20th, 2017 by refusing to leave the speaker’s chair after slamming the board members for failing to destroy carding data.

Excerpts from Desmond Cole’s speech at Toronto Police Service’s meeting (April 20, 2017)

I think that what you guys planned to do this afternoon is a huge waste of everyone’s time, including your own, and you know that. But the reason I came is because I made a promise to some young people who were at a Children’s Aid Toronto Black History Month event two months ago… I would stand up for them because you guys refuse to, the way you’re carrying on. Those Black children that I’m talking to you about at Children’s Aid are disproportionately, in our city, apprehended from their parents. Those Black childrenThose kids are getting disproportionately discriminated against in child welfare. They’re getting disproportionately discriminated against in our schools Black children disproportionately taken away from our families; Black children disproportionately suspended and expelled from school; Black children disproportionately stopped an documented and followed by the police I made a very specific promise to those young people because the police still have access to carding data, Carding data that should never have been collected… You have to—as a first step of all of the other things that we could talk about that have to do with the real elimination of carding forever, the one that you refuse to actually get on with… We’ve told you a thousand times, you’ve ignored us a thousand timesI stand up for all the children of this city that you guys refuse to protect, particularly the Black children, and I plan to stand here in protest until you commit, until you commit today here and now, to restricting the police having our information going forward. You’re going to ruin another generation of children’s lives, and I’m not going to allow you to do it.

Note: The transcription was done by Desmond Cole and was posted on his Facebook page (click HERE)

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Israel Bond RRSP Jan 2017

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