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The Canada Tulip Festival now on in Ottawa

You may have noticed tulips in almost every front yard in the city. These beautiful and beloved flowers range in colour. You have your bright red tulips, and yellow ones, as well as glorious shades of purple and pink. Everyone loves tulips!

And if you are itching to leave the big city for a day or two and head towards the capital, there’s no better time than now.

The Canada Tulip Festival is running until Monday, May 22. Some of the special treats in this year’s festival are the Victoria Day “Tuipmania” fireworks to mark the festival’s 65th anniversary; and four special venues to mark Canada’s 150 celebrations:

  • Lansdowne Park Tulip Gallery featuring floral exhibits and installations from artists across Canada, the Tulip Café in Aberdeen, interactive family programming, arts and crafts.
  • Commissioners Park – The Garden Tulip Experience with show-stopping, mass-planted tulip beds.
  • ByWard Tulip Park(ing) – The Urban Tulip Experience bringing tulips to the downtown market.
  • Tulips on the Garden Promenade – The City Tulip Tour Experience that showcases the best of Ottawa’s public gardens.

To learn more about this unique event, please visit the Canada Tulip Festival website.

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