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Defence spending hits new low under Trudeau: Report

During a news conference on April 13, 2017, Senator Dan Lang, Chair of the Senate Standing Committee on National Security and Defence said that despite commitments made by the Liberals during the 2015 elections, Canada’s military is at a breaking point. “Security is being underfunded and we are becoming more reliant on others for protection. We need $2 billion per ...

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Canada’s top Imam explains Quranic verse on wife beating

Dr. Iqbal Al-Nadvi (Mohammad Iqbal Masood Al-Nadvi) is the Muslim Chaplain of the Canadian army, the Chairperson of Canadian Council of Imams (Canada’s top imam) and the Amir (President) of Islamic Circle of North America (ICNA) Canada, a nation-wide Islamic organization that is striving “to build an Exemplary Canadian Muslim Community” by “total submission to Him [Allah] and through the ...

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Iran: Challenging Our Missile Program Means Crossing a Red Line

Following the UN Security Council’s endorsement of the Iran nuclear deal, Iranian military and political spokesmen clarified Iran’s uncompromising position on the continued development of its ballistic missile program and emphasized that any attempt to challenge the program means crossing a red line. Security Council Resolution 2231 leaves in place for eight years the embargo on selling missile technology to ...

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