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Tag Archives: citizenship

Immigration Minister defends reinstatement of Canadian citizenship to convicted terrorists

During a testimony to the Senate social affairs committee, Minister of Immigration Ahmed Hussen defended Bill C-6 which will, among other things, remove the grounds for revocation of Canadian citizenship from dual nationals convicted for treason or terrorism offences.

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Trudeau sends Trump a defiant message: “A Canadian is a Canadian”

The Embassy of Canada in the Washington announced that Canadian passport holders and dual citizens will not be affected by the US President Donald Trump’s Executive Order “Protecting the Nation form Foreign Terrorist Entry into the United States” that temporarily bars travellers from seven nations that are known of their support of terrorism or serves as major hubs for terrorist ...

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McCallum reiterates citizenship to be revoked in case of false representation

John McCallum, Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship, reveals that authorities have been investigating more cases of false representation by immigrants/ refugees while applying for permanent residence status in Canada. McCallum emphasized that the federal government will keep the power to revoke citizenship if it was acquired by false presentation, but at the same time it will strengthen the appeal ...

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Why was Monsef’s immigration story video removed from YouTube?

Maryam Monsef, Minister of Democratic Institutions, told PTBOCanada her immigration story from birth in Afghanistan until resettling in Peterborough, Ontario. In a article entitled: “From Afghanistan To Iran To Peterborough: One Woman’s Amazing Story Of How A City (& A School) Saved Her Life,” Monsef wrote among other things the following (April 20, 2012):

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Monsef: “I’ve very warm memories of growing up as Afghan in Afghani community”

Maryam Monsef (Monsefzadeh), Democratic Institutions Minister, has changed her place of birth on the Parliament website from Afghanistan to Iran following an investigation conducted by the Globe & Mail the revealed that she in fact was born in the Iranian City of Mashahd. The Globe & Mail wrote, “Democratic Reform Minister Maryam Monsef, whom the Liberals have championed as this ...

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