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Tag Archives: dawah

Wynne met activists who promote book legalizing polygamy, punishment for adulterers

Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne visited on August 27, 2016 the annual Muslim festival MuslimFest in Mississauga, Ontario, including the Islamic booth which offered Islamic literature on Islam for non-Muslims as part the Islamic Dawah, meaning the duty upon Muslims to introduce Islam to the disbelievers in a effort to convince them to accept Islam.

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No Saudi Money for American Mosques

By Daniel Pipes Saudi Arabia may be the country in the world most different from the United States, especially where religion is concerned. An important new bill introduced by Rep. Dave Brat (R-VA) aims to take a step toward fixing a monumental imbalance. Consider those differences: Secularism is a bedrock U.S. principle, enshrined in the Constitution’s First Amendment; in contrast, ...

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Canada’s top Imam: “Islam has actually become a kind of solution for humanity”

Dr. Iqbal Al-Nadvi (Mohammad Iqbal Masood Al-Nadvi) is the Chairperson of Canadian Council of Imams and also serves as the Amir (President) of Islamic Circle of North America (ICNA) Canada. His previous positions include the following: Director of Al-Falah Islamic School in Oakville, Ontario from 2004 to 2011, Imam of Muslim Association of Calgary Islamic Center from 1998-2004 and as ...

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