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Tag Archives: discrimination

Landlord ordered to pay Muslim tenants $12k for failing to accommodate their religious practices

An adjudicator with the Human Rights Tribunal awarded a Muslim couple $12,000 because of the couple’s claim that their Christian landlord discriminated against them based on their creed, failed to accommodate their religious practices and harassed them by creating a “poisoned housing environment”.

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Discrimination or a demand for a preferential treatment?

The Sakinah Community Center in Scarborough depicts itself as “a full-service Muslim community center providing social services, facilitating health and fitness and building strong youth and families through an Islamic based framework.” Sheikh Said Rageah, the imam and founder of Sakinah Community Center accuses the City of Toronto of passing “a discriminatory by-law”. On February 1, 2017, Rageah led a ...

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Poll: 79% of Canadians believe Muslims face discrimination

A new poll published by Abacus Data on December 29, 2016, found that 79% of Canadians believe that Muslims are the most discriminated against group in Canada (with 46% saying there “a lot” and 33% saying there is “some” discrimination towards Muslims), while only 10% believe there is “a lot” of discrimination against Jews, and 35% believe there is “some” ...

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