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Tag Archives: Iran

Harper says Canada should have denounced anti-Israel UN resolution

In an interview for the Near East Report, published by the America Israel Public Affairs Committed (AIPAC), a bipartisan organization of U.S. citizens committed to strengthening U.S.-Israel relations, Canada’s former Prime Minister said that the nuclear agreement with Iran should be scrapped if the Iranian regime does not comply with it.

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Dion says Hezbollah (and Iran) “profess a bloody, distorted version of Islam”

The federal government brought together special envoys from 15 countries, along with representatives of the Syrian political opposition, the United Nations and Syrian civil society, as well as leading academics, to discuss the situation in Syria. This event, co-hosted by the Netherlands, took place in Mont-Tremblant, Quebec, from November 11 to 13. Speaking at Syrian envoys’ retreat in Mont-Tremblant, Quebec ...

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Open letter to MPs, Senators: “I have a reasonable fear of radical Islam”

The Honorable Senators, MPs and MPPs: Isn’t “Phobia” a type of mental disorder? Isn’t the “Islamophobia” motion which was ‘unanimously’ passed by the Canadian Government which calls for limiting the rights of Canadians to criticize Islam, contrary to the Charter of Rights and Freedoms? Is Canada Planning to Make Criticizing Islam Illegal?

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