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Tag Archives: Islamization

U of T professor says it is not “radical” to support Caliphate and Sharia Law

Dr. Katherine Bullock is a Lecturer in the Department of Political Science, University of Toronto at Mississauga. According to Bullock’s official bio, her teaching focus is political Islam from a global perspective, and her research focuses on Muslims in Canada, their history, contemporary lived experiences, political and civic engagement, debates on the veil, and media representations of Islam and Muslims. ...

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Sandra Solomon protests against dissemination of “misogynistic” literature

On Saturday, January 21, 2017, a short time after the mass anti Trump rally in Toronto ended, Sandra Solomon, an ex-Muslim who was raised in Saudi Arabia, came to Dundas Square asking Canadians to join her protest against the dissemination of “misogynistic” literature that condones wife beating based on the Islamic teachings of the Quran (Islam’ holy book) and Hadith ...

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Canadian Imam implies that eventually Canadians will accept Islam

Abdullah Obeid, the Imam Ali Masjid in Ottawa, said that eventually all Canadians and people around the world will accept Islam, because Hussein, the grandson of Mohammad, is the true inheritor of Jesus, Moses and Mohammad. Few years ago, during a religious procession on Christmas day coincided with month of Muharram, in which Shiite Muslims commemorate the martyrdom of Hussein, ...

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